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A collection of products made by me. Prices are in Canadian, so keep that in mind whilst checking out! Orders are shipped via Canada Post regular mail. I am shipping from PEI, so the delivery time may be somewhat longer than shipping from on the mainland. Click on the item for delivery time estimates!

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Fanart Stickers

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Product Details

Fanart Sticker

Indoor and outdoor use

Glossy Vinyl Water Resistant Sticker Paper

Roughly 3x3"

✨• Works Beautifully with Water Bottles, Laptops, Notebooks, Rides (i.e. skateboards, bikes, and cars), and all smooth surfaces in need of some lovin'

Ships out within 1 business day!

🍁 Designed in Canada

The sticker is enclosed in a protective sleeve for safe shipping.

Please feel free to contact me through E-mail, or DM me on Instagram, with any questions or concerns!


Shipping FAQ

Maritimes 2~4 days

Shipping to Canada 3~6 days

Shipping to America, 5~7 days

Shipping international 7~21 days


A little collection of the more popular stickers Decora-chan sells at cons, now available online!

Trunks from Dragon Ball z

Yurio from Yuri on Ice

Larvitar from Pokemon

Gundham Tanaka from Danganronpa

Coco from Crash Bandicoot

Vivi from Final Fantasy 9

Megaman from Megaman Legends

Keith x Lance from Voltron

Adelie from Space Dandy

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